27 June 2013

Quick and Easy Mason Jar Pencil Holders

I've been searching around on Pinterest for ways of hanging our mason jar pencil (marker, paintbrush, scissor) holders on the wall, trying to free up some space on the arts and crafts table. The easiest way I found was to use hose (pipe) clamps. These are thin metal circular strips that can be tightened up. Perfect for mason jars of a variety of sizes, but the trick is how to mount the hose clamps to a board or wall. It is possible to punch a hole through the metal with a nail, and I also saw someone had used picture hangers. I didn't fancy trying to pound holes through the clamps so I was searching around for the picture hangers I was sure must be in amongst my husband's shop supplies, somewhere... what I found was this...
half inch plastic wire staple

A 1/2 inch plastic wire staple - actually quite a few of them in an old coffee can.  I got to thinking....and here's how it worked out.

I just nailed the plastic staple approximately where I thought it should go - you can be more precise I'm sure.

I used a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp until it was open then threaded the strip through the plastic staple.

Put the end of the metal strip back into the tightening mechanism, tightened it up and voila! 

mason jar hose clamp pencil holders

I used a variety of jars from my cellar, so the line-up isn't exactly uniform. The 3 inch hose clamps worked fine on the regular mason jars, and fit snugly on the "Gem" jars (Canadian canning jars), I also had some 3 1/2 inch clamps that worked great for the "Gem" jars and would be necessary for wide mouth mason jars. The oh-so-easy plastic staples should be available in most hardware stores in the electrical wiring section.

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  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial. I can think of a few places in my house where these would be handy.