8 May 2012

A wish come true!

I saw a garter snake today, which is good, because I was hoping to find one this summer.  I wasn't expecting to find one this early!

I rounded up everybody and we set about trying to catch him.

Here he is in a bucket.  Obviously we were successful!

This is him peeking over the edge of the cardboard on top of the bucket. He managed to get out.

Wow, look at that muscle, he can stick part of his body straight off the edge.

He seems to have taken a shine to us and is slithering about a bit.

Look at him now, handsome fellow isn't he?  We're going to move him to an old fish tank of mine after this.  Hope he'll enjoy it.
(Written by Ruben)
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Sign of Spring

The first Johnny Jump-up of the year in all it's delicate glory.
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30 March 2012

It's Spring!

Dirty feet and little dishes of ice cream, spring is here at last!
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26 March 2012

Creative kids!


Mousie with Buckyball armor.

Finally made pens out of some goose quills we picked up years ago. 

And what day would be complete without a pepperoni snowman?
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