19 September 2011

The Odyssey

One of the best parts of homeschooling is seeing your kids enthralled by a story.  Big brother sat down one Thursday morning and read Homer's The Odyssey aloud.  OK, it was All-Action Classics No. 3: The Odyssey an abridged graphic novel adapation, but they loved it!

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Harvest Time

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6 September 2011

Building a solar powered car

I bought this Klutz solar car kit ages ago at Costco.

We're having a heat wave here this week, so the timing was right...

...to fit all the pieces together...

...snapping and pushing, reading and fitting...

...fiddling with tiny bits...

...working together.

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25 August 2011

Straight from the garden...

...the third (&final) picking, now in jars in the cellar. The process of getting all these lovely beans into their jars made for a very late night, which made this post by Charlotte Siems about getting through those tough days incredibly timely.
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24 August 2011

The Lake

Kind of looks photoshopped, but it's not!

See, same awesome sunset, no flash.

Throwing rocks, trying to make the biggest splash.
Pure gold!

Pure blue - wild blueberries that is.  They grow on little 6 inch tall sprigs of bushes, you eat the berries, the mosquitoes eat you - but they're worth it!

We LOVE the lake!

Best friends!

Commence building the sand fortress!
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18 August 2011

Oh the wonders of tape!

Well constructed tape bridges for...

a favorite mouse.
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12 August 2011

Summer Science

So we found a cocoon/chrysalis in the flower bed, put it in some damp soil, and voila, a week or two later, one huge moth emerged!  See how tiny the wings are at first?

It took hours for his wings to fully expand.

Hours of fun with a magnifying glass and newspaper (no living things!) on a sunny summer day!

What happens when you microwave Ivory soap?  Besides your whole house smelling like soap for hours?

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11 August 2011

Blue Potatoes!

We love Russian Blue potatoes!

The "Caribe" variety are lovely too, with bright purple skins and white insides.
Mmmmm, Martian Mashed Potatoes! 
Yummy, even if they do look strange!
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Teeth and Toes

In the mouth of one giant dinosaur...

and clutching treasures from the gift shop!
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